The MMM Experience

The Making Meditation Mainstream Experience

Our team is dedicated to creating a memorable and consistent beach experience for you, every single Saturday at 6.30am. In keeping with our mission to create a new, more mainstream identity for meditation, we have taken every possible thing into account in order to create an experience which will appeal to everyone.

We don’t call our leaders ‘meditation teachers’, we call them ‘beach crew leaders’. They simply ‘hold the space’ for our gathering, and their role is to create an inviting environment in which everyone feels welcome and to provide guidance and instruction so everyone knows what’s happening at all times.

We are careful to not use ‘spiritual’ lingo and communicate in everyday language that all can understand.

We are proud of our brand, so we wear t shirts and jumpers emblazoned with our distinctive MMM logo. The banner, which we place in the sand, gives new attendees something to look for to find our beach sessions. It also serves as a symbol of our gathering, to unite everyone under one message and movement.

Our team play mainstream music to set an environment which appeals to the community.

We come together as a circle after every beach session to welcome new people, discuss events and community happenings and often will give little ‘pearls of wisdom’ for our community to ponder during the weekend.

We love to do activities together to help the environment, like beach cleans – and we are active in our local community to bring to light local issues. We also support ethical likeminded businesses and organisations and events.

Here's WHAT TO EXPECT at a MMM session when you first come down..

  1. Follow the music and head to the beach flag - we will introduce ourselves to you.
  2. Get a little instruction about the upcoming meditation – if you haven’t meditated before.
  3. Meet some people or chill back – it’s totally up to you – no pressure.
  4. Head to the beach and get set up for a 20 minute meditation session – dig into the sand and support your back and knees.
  5. Start the session - connect inside and to nature –Perfect!
  6. You will be awoken after 20 minutes by some more cool vibes/music.
  7. Sit and appreciate the beach for a couple of minutes more… take it all in.
  8. Join our finish circle –where we have a really quick chat about the morning meditation and any future events. It is totally up to you if you want to join in.
  9. If you are lucky, you can grab a free Mrs Toddy’s Tonic shot at the end. The Mrs Toddy’s Tonic crew often set up tables at our sessions, offering free samples.
  10. Enjoy your day knowing that you just invested 20 minutes into you - being present and mindful.