Get Involved

Get Involved…

If you align with the vision and mission of the MMM movement and would love to be involved, we would love to hear from you.

We have existing beach locations at which we would always welcome more volunteers to help out and ‘hold the space’. You do not need to be a meditation teacher or even an expert to be able to lead a beach crew.

You do however need to be passionate about our movement and creating a positive experience for the community. We also understand that sometimes volunteers might not want to lead the groups, and this is okay - there is always a little job for everyone. Maybe it’s just setting the scene with some nice music, being a time keeper, placing the flag into the sand or just welcoming new people… there is a position somewhere in our beach crew just for you.

In keeping with our vision to take the MMM experience to as many beaches as we can, we are also keen to hear from anyone who would like to create their own MMM experience at their local beach. We would LOVE to help you! There is definitely a little process that we like to go through, including having you experience one of our existing beach sessions, plus assisting you to prepare a launch plan.

Launching a new beach is not as simple as it sounds, as we need to take into account parking, toilets, poor weather plans, accessibility, popularity, safety and much more. In addition to this – we have a 4-6 week launch process, to allow us the time to communicate with the local community to ensure a successful launch.

We are all here to help, and you could be very well one of our new beach crew leaders! We have an epic team – we meet once a month as leaders to discuss how we can make a positive impact on people’s lives through our beach sessions.

Get in contact via the contact page, so we can discuss how we can best serve you and welcome you into our MMM beach crew leader team.