Making Meditation Mainstream FAQ’s

  • Q. Do I need to know how to meditate before coming to a session?
    A. Definitely not! Noprevious experience is necessary – we welcome all beginners.
  • Q. How long does the meditation last for?
    A. Each session lasts for 20 minutes.
  • Q. What style of type of meditation is practiced?
    A. It’s a basic breathing, mindfulness meditation technique that we can teach you, however, you are welcome to come and practice any meditation style or feel free to just sit with us and appreciate the beauty of the beach.
  • Q. Is it a guided meditation?
    A. No, we just give a little basic instruction to beginners to get started.
  • Q. Are the meditation teachers qualified?
    A. Our beach crew leaders are there purely to ‘hold the space’ and provide very basic breathing mindfulness practices, which are very easy to understand and do.
  • Q. What happens if it rains?
    A. In many of our locations, we have the ability to seek shelter or in some cases go inside a surf club or other facility, where we have established partnership agreements. Our aim is to hold the session every Saturday morning no matter what the weather conditions are.
  • Q. Is there anything I need to know before coming?
    A. We always suggest rugging up appropriately for the conditions – as it can get a little chilly at 6.30am. A towel or mat to sit on is always ideal as well.