The Launch of MMM at Narrabeen Beach


The Launch of MMM at Narrabeen Beach

During the establishment of the Avalon Beach MMM sessions, I was starting to get more and more traction online, and started to receive messages from people outside of Avalon who wanted to help or be a part of the movement.

I was truly blessed to have been approached by Hazel and Christine who both heard about the MMM movement.

Both Christine and Hazel work in and around the wellness and health space, and were in total alignment with the mission of MMM.

After experiencing several sessions together at Avalon, we embarked on creating a groundswell of interest from the local community in Narrabeen. We picked a location in front of the Narrabeen Surf Club, and started to create some hype by going business to business together.

On the morning of our launch, we were standing together at dawn (being pretty dark still), with the MMM flag erected, and music playing… wondering if it would attract any locals. We never place any expectation around this… if one person turns up – we are happy – if 100 turn up – we are happy.

At 6.15am, some people started to venture slowly around the sides of the Surf club and gather…by 6.30am, we were inundated and realised that we have attracted over 40 people for the launch. It was also apparent that we had hit the WOMEN market, with over 90% of our audience being female. There was one lucky guy plus me that had the pleasure of hanging with this awesome community.

Since launching, Hazel and Christine have now been joined by Leigh Brennan, who was a recent graduate of one of my ‘meditation for men’ courses. Together, they have successfully and consistently offered MMM sessions every week since the launch.

MMM is so appreciative and grateful to have such a beautiful team at Narrabeen who are so passionate about meditation and give so much to the local community.