The Launch of MMM at Mooloolaba QLD


The Launch of MMM at Mooloolaba QLD

Many people ask me…’why Mooloolaba?? …what made you launch there?’ …and the answer is that I have a very close friend that was so passionate about the MMM movement, that I absolutely had to include her.

Holly Hicks, has been a close friend for many years, and she has been very closely aligned in so many ways. Her own career forged in sports massage and stretching made her a perfect person to lead the team. Not only that, but the Sunshine Coast has such a beautiful beach, and community which is all about lifestyle and balance.

Holly quickly started to gather interest through her networks, and together we created a hype around town that was gaining momentum every day.

As I was pretty much ‘out of the loop’ in regards to the promotion of this beach location, I was feeling very nervous indeed when I boarded the plane to launch Mooloolaba MMM. I decided to meet Holly very early at 5.45am to ensure we were ready at ‘The Loo with a view’ – which at first I thought was a joke, but soon realised it was an iconic tourist location on Mooloolaba beach.

We were all very nervous about weather – as the Sunshine Coast had literally been drenched every single day for 3 weeks straight with storms and rain…. Which would indeed dampen out launch. However, as we waited we could see breaks in the clouds and could see the potential for sun.

As we started to chat in the dark, I joked with Holly, that if she managed to get over 45 people to the launch – that she would be setting the new MMM record, and if she succeeded I would wear a QLD NRL jersey for 3 weeks to my own local MMM session. At 6.05, people started to gather, and I was perplexed, as at Sydney beaches, people would normally rock up 5 minutes before start time… By 6.20am I realised I was indeed going to lose the bet!

We had an amazing 50 people turn up to our session in Mooloolaba, and it was one to be remembered. We had families bring their kids, there was people in their 60’s and over, young teens, it was a mish mash of ages and backgrounds… and it was perfect. We walked up the beach together and had an incredible session together, only to be welcomed by the most beautiful sunrise ever.

It was also very apparent that there was several people that truly wanted to be an ongoing part of the leadership crew in MMM. Ever since we launched in Mooloolaba, Carol, Sandra and Sophie have lead the crew every week. They do so with such passion and love.

Holly had to relocate to Adelaide earlier in the year (she will be back with MMM maybe in Adelaide!), so Carol, Sandra and Sophie continue to lead this beautiful session every single week. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful and amazing team in Mooloolaba, and am so grateful to have them as leaders.