About MMM


Making Meditation Mainstream (MMM) is an Australian, registered not-for-profit charity, which was started in January 2019.

Making Meditation Mainstream is a local community with a global message.

We offer FREE organised group meditation sessions to local communities on beaches around Australia.

MMM was launched for three main reasons:

  1. As an active response to combat alarming community statistics surrounding poor mental health and increasing suicide rates.
  2. An inherent belief that meditation is a powerful tool in fulfilling personal happiness, developing community and a way to positively change the world.
  3. It is our intention to provide LIFELINE Northern Beaches with enough funding to adequately resource their operation to support our community.


Making Meditation Mainstream Beach Sessions will be available on more than 100 beaches across Australia by 2022.

We believe that by growing MMM to be available on over 100 beaches in Australia, that we then be in a position to provide LIFELINE NB with enough funding to resource and grow their support in the community.


  • To provide an inviting, organised and consistent group meditation session every Saturday at 6.30am, on selected beaches.
  • To inspire people to turn OFF the auto drive and to connect with self, with nature and with each other.
  • To create a new ‘identity’ for meditation, which is mainstream, inviting and welcoming to the general community.


  • WELCOMING - We welcome everyone.
  • NON-DENOMINATIONAL – We do not adhere or belong to any religion.
  • INSPIRATIONAL – We will look to inspire our community members to be the best versions of themselves, and to be actively involved in activities which impact our community and environment.
  • SUPPORTIVE – We aim to support individuals and community always.
  • EDUCATIONAL –We aim to educate our community on topics which relate to personal health/wellness, positive community activities and information related to taking care of our environment.


Jason was born in Adelaide in 1971, and now resides with his family in Avalon Beach, located on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney.

It was an event held in 2018 which deeply impacted Jason, which proved to be the pivotal moment that inspired him to create MMM.

In July 2018, surrounded by 300 equally concerned men who came together to discuss the rising suicide rates on the northern beaches, it was at this moment, that Jason made the decision to quit his property business and devote all his time to creating a movement that would provide support to the community.

Jason started by himself meditating on Avalon Beach, and slowly through word of mouth, it was not long before he was joined by two more people, then eight more, then 20 more and then 40 more… and it continues to grow.

This is Jason’s true life’s work and purpose and he sees it as a seed that will soon become a tree, which will eventually become the forest. He believes this movement will make a positive impact upon mankind and will change the world.

About LIFELINE and MMM Support

Making Meditation Mainstream supports Lifeline Northern Beaches.

Funds raised would contribute financial resources towards supporting Lifeline’s 24-hour Crisis Support Line: 13 11 14, which is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This service answers around one million calls each year nationally and for some, this conversation is lifesaving. Lifeline Northern Beaches’ call centre answers over 68,000 of these calls costing $27.96 for every call to which we respond.

As you may know, Lifeline Northern Beaches is also actively involved in suicide prevention, group/individual counselling sessions, mental health training and other mental health support services.

With virtually no government funding to support our Balgowlah centre, it is no exaggeration to say that without local support such as Making Meditation Mainstream, we simply could not continue to operate and deliver our core services to the public as we create connection with people in crisis and empower individuals and communities to be safe from suicide.

Deanne Bennett
Fundraising Manager
LifelIne Northern Beaches

About the 'Meditation for Men'
4 week course


In January 2019, Jason Partington (The founder of MMM) also released a course specifically designed to teach men the skill of meditation. The course is a no frills 4 weeks course which provides men with the opportunity to learn this essential life skill.

The course requires men to commit to 2 x 20 minute sessions every day for the full 30 days. The men meet once per week for 2 - 2.5 hours to learn the meditation in a layered educational format which cuts through all the normal stereotypes and stigma associated with meditation.

As Jason often says.. "there's no candles, incense or chanting in this course... we don't sit around singing kumbayah - we just get straight into it in a direct and straight up way. It's all about learning how to quieten the mind, reduce anxiety and stress and developing a strong connection with your true self.

More information about Meditation for Men : https://meditationformen.com.au/
Register for the next course here: http://meditationformen.com.au/registration/